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Lemon Meringue: Outdoor Grow & Smoke Report


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Outdoor grown Lemon Meringue (sativa dominant hybrid of Lemon Skunk x Cookies & Cream)

Grow: I purposely grew it so it would stay under 4ft (legal grow, but my neighbors are finicky & last yr's 7 ft Jack Herer was cool but a bit too in-the-face): grown from a clone that I didn’t put out until late may & not in the sunniest spot & heavily topped until flowering.

Started flowering in very early August. Didn’t stretch a lot & the buds didn’t fatten up a lot until the final 3 weeks (like most sativas I’ve grown). I harvested at 10 weeks into flowering. Really nice lemony fragrance to the green buds.

Seemed quite resistant to mold & mildew—Had some heavy drenches & lots of dewy mornings during the flower phase & I never found a speck of mold or mildew. (Had to do some remedial hacking on my other plants on this front this year). Final height was about 3.5 ft., very close to what I was aiming for. I’m guessing it yielded about 3 oz in dry flower (I never weigh anything). Plenty fine by me, given its size & location, though it made me miss the last year’s 15+oz yield from my Jack Herer.

Usual dry & 5 week cure methods.

Smoke/Taste: Quite lemony-citrus w/ some peppery flavor & quite smooth. Not a hint of sweetness, contrary to its lineage & online descriptions.

Buzz: I like jumpy sativas, but this batch beats all in terms of upper energy. It’s like several cups of strong coffee; makes Makes Green Crack seem like an indica in comparison. Decidedly focused racy head buzz. Frankly, I’d warn anyone before they tried this, due to the raciness. While the buzz ain’t for every situation, I’ve got definite uses for it & am happy to have it. I’d guess it clocks in at about 16-20% THC based on experience.

Finally, I have no idea how mine compares to commercially-grown version of the strain. Never smoked it before now & obviously, a lot of its properties could be peculiar to my grow.


Grow Journal of the Month: Nov 2018
Sounds similar to my two sativas (Dream Queen and Sour Diesel). Seemed like the buds were going to be pretty scrawny, and then a couple weeks before harvest DQ got nice and fat. Sour Diesel is now doing the same thing.

If I grow another sativa next season, I plan to keep it trimmed down to a more manageable height, as you did.


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Recently ran into some retail Lemon Meringue at a local dispensary. The strain’s spiking in popularity & occupying the topshelf. I’m still awash in my homegrown, but I couldn’t resist buying a sample to compare with my homegrown LM.

The retail item had a bit more pungent fuel flavor, absent in mine.

The retail item tested at 25% THC. Mine prob. clocked in about 16-18%.

I gotta say I liked my homegrown version much better. The retail leaned quite indica, especially for a sativa-dominant strain. Mighta been the pheno or letting it go too long before harvest. Always best to harvest sativas before they get too sleepy. The latter happens when chasing peak potency/high THC. Which happens a lot with dispensary weed.

A reminder of one of things I like the best about growing—I can tailor it to my tastes!
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