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Herby Green

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The stem of the fan leaf apparently contains a bit more THC than the fan leaf itself,according to honest.
Now that's not what I expected to hear,and a fact worth noting as we grow with our grows.
Althou the value difference is worth noting it's not really debatable; and that's why we post facts measured & not mentioned.
Now stems and stocks are genetic parts of the plant,as are fan leaves.
We haven't mentioned THC value differences during flower,so the lab statement may be misconstrued dramatically somewhat. Althou that would be the exception.

The of STRAIN on Land Race weed was inevitable.

Herby Green

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As a coverup for complications we push our minds in other directions, so we pretend to attempt a trend and tend to think we over think things...lol
Fuck I'm strait as an arrow,so Teddy should reap this riddle.
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