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less plants or more?


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ive just finished my first grow, i got 9.5 ounces from 5 lemon haze plants under a 400 watt light with a hydro dripper system. my set up is enclosed in a large wooden box i built in my garage. i ended up with some nice top buds but also a lot of smaller leafy buds nearer the bottom. the box is large enough to get inside and close the door, but the compartment the plants are in is quite small, so the buds where all quite close together and overcrowded even though i tried my best to train the branches down with string, there just wasnt enough space to spread them out evenly and the lower buds where quite shaded. i am wondering whether i would be better off having maybe 2 plants in the same set up and maybe grow them bigger over a longer period? would i yield more? i intended on having 4 plants but the guy who gave me the cuttings gave me a spare and i just chucked it in, but i cant help but think it may have had an adverse effect by taking up more space. ive also been told that removing the first shoots might help as it would encourage them to grow higher up? what are your thoughts?
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