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Lessons learned


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First time growers observations and mistakes....

Ok, I'm 2 weeks before harvest, and here are BIG mistakes I made..

#1. Did NOT top my plants, so not bushy, the buds look nice, but not as many as they should, and not too many branches for cloning...and I didn't have a room/space for clones..

#2. Over nuited them last week. I'm flushing them 'till harvest....next grow, I'll cut way back on them....

#3. Few days ago, I got *ucking spider mites..ran to the hydo store, bought a bottle of Bug Off, sprayed...I thought that did the job...THEY CAME BACK ON ANOTHER PLANT! This time I used AzaMax, I hope that did the trick...the fine print on the Bug Off says it kills, but only damages mite eggs....next grow, I'll treat for pests BEFORE...

I'll continue reading your posts, and tutorials...and will do better next batch

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