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Let’s talk Decarboxylation


I’m interested to see everyone’s methods of Decarboxylation, so once you have your bubble hash, keif, pollen (whatever you want to call it) do you Decarboxylate the whole lot, or just what might be used for edibles ? And what methods have you tried with success, I’m interested to hear your thoughts and experiences


A million ways to do it

I take the kief I need for my recipe
Place in glass dish, spread out
250f for 30min, usually stir it once in the middle

Works well for my Gummy recipe
So do only carboxylate for your edibles then ?


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Speaking of decarbing, I recently acquired a 4 bag set from BubbleBagDude and I'l looking forward to my first run with them. Is it best to decarb the weed first or the hash after? Or both?
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