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Hello! I was thinking about doing a grow journal.

80cm x 80cm x 180cm - Veg. Room - 250w hps

90cm x 90cm x 160cm - Flower. Room - 400w hps


The line of 3 are: (from the left to the right)
Critical + (Dinafem) , Grapegum (Ripper seeds) , Swiss Cheese (Nirvana).

Line of 4 : (Left-Right)
Dieseltonic #1 , Dieseltonic #2 , Dieseltonic #3 , Afghan Skunk.

Line of 2 : At the left is my Wembley (Bubblegum x Ak47 from Pyramid seeds) and my Black Diesel clone (that space in the right is from my bushy Skunk N1)


*now they are like this after 1 week or so...
Is this your grow journal now, Med?

Looks cool. Put the link to it in your sig, then more people can see it and learn from you / help you.

It's quite hard to find among your other threads.

Well, I'm here now, so I'll have a cup of tea and some new pics please.


Nice girls :)
Just a sidenote - i was using an MH for veg, but found that CFLs give much better growth in veg (more bush, less height). And MHs suit veg better then HPS in theory (never tried hps in veg though).
For my 80x50cm veg tent im using ~70 watts of 6500K CFL and it works perfectly. You might be able to save some energy and heat there.

When will you flip? :)
Since i didnt have any comments and such...i stopped uploading pics to this journal.
I had to kill 2 and im very limited with space right now,i dont feel very confortable with this situation, they are SO MUCH bushier this grow what is very good but i feel sad about killing some of my girls.(Wembley and one Dieseltonic)
The Skunk N1(Sativa Dominant pheno)/Dieseltonic/Grapegum are already in the flowering room with another Skunk N1 (Indica Dominant pheno) and one Blueberry,im gonna harvest the BB this week.
So i supercropped 4 days ago one Dieseltonic, the Critical +, Afghan Skunk , Swiss Cheese and my clone of Black Diesel in the veg room.
In the final of this week i will flower this 5 in the veg room and when my Skunk N1 (Indica Dominant) finish(day 10 to 20 of june), i will put one of the plants flowering in the veg room right to the flowering room so it will be 4 to 4 in each room.
Thank you for the tip invi :high-five: i have good results with the Hps so far, but yes Cfls are very good in that matter,i use them for the two first weeks of veg after that i feel a better penetration with HID lights.
Ricorico if i had some audience since the beggining this could have been a good journal,i really like to talk,learn,show my girls, do smoke reports so everybody wants to try that strain, get compliments... :slide:
You should have mentioned that u had a journal, med.

Anyway, still time to pull up a seat and wait for some pics :)

It could still be a good journal and it's not your last grow ever, is it?

Flowering pics are always nice.
Nice idea, but dont you have some bud porn pix?

Would love that :D

Most newcomers journals like mines are quite lonely before mid flower in my experience. Just go on with it, if nothing else its nice to read back and compare to the next grow. Attention comes sooner or later and its a whore anyway :)
Harvested one Aurora Indica not so much time ago (3 weeks/4weeks) 1 ounce and an half dry,still have 10 grams in the jar :) (I will take some pics of the buds)

Oh and another 10 grams left of some Pure Ak (Female Seeds) , nothing special in my opinion, my friends liked it,of course i prefer the AI, very calming & relaxed high with a strong hash smell!
Pics or it didn't happen, Med :)


Have your friends ever not liked any schmokes you gave to them for free?

I will take them , trust me! just give me time to get the good camera from my friend,im tired of phone pics :)

If you are trying to say like "Everything free is great" is not like that man, my friends really judge the buds ... :blunt:

I had one Bubba Kush from Green House Seeds with no smell & taste, poor effect...they didnt liked it.
By the way if you ever grow some GHS you better hope some failures, i had one Lemon Skunk from them,a 8 weeker they say...more like 90 days of flowering.
It's good to have honest friends :)

and it's worth waiting for good quality photos.

I don't think that any 2 seeds are exactly the same.

The genes from ma & pa are mixed a wee bit differently in each seed.

The flowering days are always only a rough estimate.

The automazars should be 70-80 days from seed. Ha.

I haven't heard of one that was harvested in that time.

mine went for 102 days before i chopped the top half off, the bottom half is still puffing up and balling out.

The other automazar is a twin (popped up same day), still got 3-4 weeks to go, easy.

That's going to be 130 odd days for an auto!
So the ladys recovered very well from the supercrop and they are ready for flowering in the veg room, i will wait more 3 days and after that, 12/12 to the veg room, so it will be 12/12 in each room.

It will be nice to see two rooms with flowering plants! :yahoo:

By my count they all will be done in early August :)
Nice Pics! Nice plants!


Strange day today...

friend called. I met him in town, he gave me some wet buds... with seeds!

top is critical cbd, bottom is wappa, right is dieseltonic but only 2 viable, i think.


they where the strains he told me, but i'm not 100% which is which...


He didn't tell me about the seeds, but knew when he gave them to me.

They may be femmed with hormones or hermed with stress, OR new cbd/wappa hybrids!

Any ideas from looking at the seeds?
Thank you man! :)

That bud in the middle is from an hermi harvested to early,for sure!
Maybe they all hermed because they dont look done at all...
So you want to know what is the bud where the seeds come from or what? Didnt understand your question very well.

I wish i had some Critical CBD! :high-five:
He gaveme them for the seeds, but they have been cured somewhat and somehow.

Apart from being damp, 2 buds are ok to schmoke, picking them apart and letting them dy a few mins.

Just wondering if you knew which seeds were which strain?

I'm schmoking the buds, they are very nice :)
Oh i didnt understand because i was thinking you already knew that since you told me the name of the strains.

I dont know by that way man but i can tell you 100% sure if it is Wappa while growing or critical... i had both in the flowering last year :)
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