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Hello Let me introduce my self, Ratski, Medical user Forks WA, indoor grower, for personal family use only I am now on my 4 vegetation. I have learned a lot but have to do a better job of tracking the names of the strains I currently have. Its going to be some what of a mystery harvest next time, I do not know what exactly what I have because there clones that were donated to me, 2 stevia and 5 other indicia's, all females. And I use soils for grow media, and my water is fresh rain water never in short supply here in Forks. I use Fox Farms nutrient's and I keep the room temps around 72* to 85*. I use the late vegetation leaf and flowering trim to make Canna butter, for cooking. The biggest threat to my medicine, here is the local thieves, and because I am a Veteran of the Weed wars I can't buy a gun. I got popped with 105 lbs. I my trunk and did probation, no jail time. a story for a different thread later. I am interested in more information on things like Regeneration, and other. related subjects.


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:welcome: Ratski57! Perhaps you are already aware of this being the number 1 site for cannabis knowledge on the web... Yay!! In the mean time... I would like to recommend starting a grow journal so our experts and experienced growers can find your grow and offer assistance. There are also links below in my signature that you may find of use. Good Luck! :peace:
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