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Lets get crackin' organic soil mix!


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greetings fellow gardeners! i have been researching on the internet for quite some time now and im going from "organic" bottled nutrients to true living organics!! Personaly i have never used chemicals in any of my gardens! I've searched far and wide for a quick simple living soil mix but everything i find i need to source atleast 5 or more of these amendments! living in canada it isnt easy at all!! but i have the quickest simplest soil mix that is all organic and you only need water to feed it!!

Lets Get Crackin Soil Mix!!

1 bag of quality organic soil

1 bag of quality earth worm castings (preferably made at home)

1 bag of aeration amendment (perlite can be found anywhere)

and thats it!! all you need now is clean water:) this is the best way to get your foot in the door without ordering anything at all online!! anyone should be able to get all of this for super cheap in your town or city! its not going to give you huge yields or anything but once you get a taste of that sweet sweet goodness you will never want to go back and you can start adding other amendments!:) much love guys! hope you are as excited as i am starting organics gardening!!:Namaste:


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If all your going to do is water, then you are going to need a soil buffer like Limestone. Or else you are going to run into problems.


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Can you please define the term "bag"? All those things come in a number of different sizes so ratios are very important...

i think instead of 'bag' it should read part. so equal parts of all three.

add 'down to earth' vegan mix 3-2-2 at 1/3 cup per gallon soil and you'll be rockin'.
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