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Let's hear it for the old and long time smokers


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Just an FYI that post was 2007. Op is long gone


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Jeez. You young guys amuse me. By next month this time, I'll be 65. I've been toking since the age of 15 or the year 1971.

(Some of you guys need to put the joints down and check either your math or the dates on your birth certificates! :19:)

There was some primo weed back in the day, but it was not easy to find and was always way more expensive than the ordinary weed.

Today, primo weed is everywhere and pricing is fairly uniform for whatever you want, in most cases.

I just starting seriously growing about 3 years ago. I can buy seeds to grow the old strains I used to love or try new stuff that I've come to love. I am now in one of the happiest places I have ever been! :Rasta:

I'm not far behind you at 60, but by this stage however you look at it, it's all getting pretty frigging far behind!

I fully agree with you that there was primo weed 'back in the day'. I am also now really getting into growing and checking out 'named strains' when for years I had no idea what strain name anything was, only which country I got it in. If NZ ever decriminalises or legalises, then wow, it would truely be happy here too!

Speaking of primo weed back then (and on my high horse!). I read so often that weed is much stronger these days. With all of these 'named' strains in the seed banks I would think most of them are going to be potentially pretty potent or if grown badly potentially pretty weak. If there is any difference from decades ago, to my mind, it is now there is so much knowledge available and being shared, that wasn't easily available to be found back then. I had some really hard hitting fantastic smoke (wild grown in Thailand & Nepal in early 80's, and once scored some Colombian Gold in Sydney in the mid 80's) I have no doubt at all, those plants from years ago would be comparable to anything today. I think those dumb test results showing pitiful levels of THC back then were surely done on cabbage weed that hadn't even been grown to maturity. I am sure most people grew it ignorantly and got cabbage instead of potency. My first weed in the late 70's was like that, a fellow workmate had grown 2 plants and just chopped them when they grew big, there was no idea of whether it was a male or female or if there was buds, in fact it was only the leaf we always saw as the symbol back then, consequently we smoked a chimney of that cabbage and only got the barest mild hint of anything, complete crap and a common way to butcher perfectly good seeds!

Anyway, I am off my high horse now! But to the younger folk, from my experience there was the same calibre of plants back then as there is now, which I am now trying to find them out by name! So shout out of course if you have the labels of anything really special, as I don't have enough years ahead of me to go thru the menu! Especially when growing is once a year outdoors! :hookah: Be well everyone!
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