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Hello guys,
I recently start growing indoor,
I have a grow tend 60x60x1.40 with a HPs 150 W and 6.5 Litre pots,
For the first time I try an auto blue cheese, I had some ups and downs which affect my baby, but as we proceed to the end of her life it seems good.
Now my question is:
for that kind of space I think about buying a cfl with blue spectrum(6400K) aprox 150W for vegetative (because the plant goes tall with hips on veg) and also use this lamp as a secondary lamp for the flowering but not for 1 plant for 2.
What do you say about the space is it enough for 2 plants?
and also do you think that a cfl with dual spectrume is right dor the job or with just blue ?
Thanks in advance.

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I think and that the point I think ur space is perfect for what ur wanting .. Lights is say only cz its only thing I have experience with is led . I have a 5L×7w×4D I run 2 300w ant 1 450w with nice result .. But hey I said I think.. I'm new just throwing in my 2 cents..
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