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Let's talk sex


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I say 2 males and 1 female. What say you?


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I love it when you grow from seed.

Then you take the time to sex ti out....
By that point the plant is sporting 9-11 fingered leaves. (gotta love the full genetic potential)

Then you turn your girl out, clone.

I love then that the clones are all really fresh genetics. They seem to sport 9 fingers-11 fingers.

Then like 4 years later, you have clones that are sporting 3-5 fingers period.... what happened.......

Time to start over.

Lvoe it.


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I take my males, strip the leaves off, put in a bottle and steep in ISO for a couple weeks, then rub on my tired, aching joints and muscles. It really works! You could also use to make green vodka - similar principle, but drinkable.
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