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Let's Transform Our Drug Policy

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I am writing in support of Robert Sand, Windsor County State's Attorney. It's important for our elected officials to speak out and speak truth to power. Robert Sand is courageous and people should listen to what he has to say about marijuana.

We need to change the law. We need to think more progressively.

State law continues to incarcerate Vermonters who use, possess, cultivate or distribute marijuana. This is a waste of taxpayer money. These people are committing nonviolent crimes, and they are contributing to the overcrowding population of our prisons. It also causes violent offenders to be let out because of this overcrowding.

We can regulate the use, decriminalize the user, and change our policy towards marijuana. The Vermont Assembly has a chance to change the policy, but they fail to take steps towards a new policy.

Marijuana should be regulated, like alcohol, with standards to prevent contamination or dangerous chemicals from entering the market.

We all know that alcohol and/or tobacco are far more harmful to individuals and society than marijuana. I find it inconsistent that we punish marijuana users more severely than those who abuse alcohol and/or tobacco products are not punished by the state in any way.

Public safety is more at risk due to violent crimes than it is from marijuana users. Our tax dollars should be used to prosecute violent crime, not to punish marijuana users. Let's transform our drug policy.

Clancy DeSmet


Source: Times Argus (Barre, VT)
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