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Letter: State Should OK Medicinal Marijuana

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I am writing today to the city of Oshkosh and friends regarding having an open mind, compassion and embracing change. Former Representative Gregg Underheim, proposed legislation that would have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes in Wisconsin in 2005. It did not pass.

After fighting prostate cancer himself Underheim met other patients that had benefited greatly from its effects, especially those dealing with chemotherapy.

There are two basic kinds of marijuana cannabis- sativa, and cannabis-indica. Each of these are marijuana plants, and each has a different composition with different effects that can be beneficial, or bothersome for certain people and conditions. Many cannabis users find that certain strains, or types of cannabis are better for their conditions than others, comparable to how certain drugs people obtain from their doctors work better for some than others.

A common argument against marijuana is that smoking is bad, and it is. The truth is that marijuana is fat-soluble and can be consumed in less harmful ways such as eating it. A drug called Marinol, which is a synthetic form of marijuana, is already on the market although it lacks many properties of the other organic plants. While the recreational use of marijuana is controversial it is necessary that we as citizens realize the medicinal benefits of this herb. It is cruel, ignorant and unsympathetically intolerant that the people of the United States as well as their government would deny people in pain access to a medicine/plant/or herb that works.

Although there is no current legislation pending in Wisconsin, I encourage everyone that reads this to imagine themselves having chronic pain that will not go away, or being nauseated from chemotherapy and ask yourself if you would want access to marijuana, especially if your time was quickly running out?

Source: TheNorthwestern.com
Copyright: 2008, TheNorthwestern.com
Contact: Tyler Zellmer, Oshkosh
Website: Oshkosh Northwestern - Letter: State should OK medicinal marijuana

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I do too and thought it was an excellent example of a letter to the editor. Just think of the conversations triggered by this letter. Just think if we all wrote such letters to the editor.:peace:
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