Lewydeville’s Perpetual DWC With Fruit Spirit 2018


Plant of the Month: Dec 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: August 2020
Hi all,
Well here we are and I’ve finally plucked up the courage to start my own journal. I’ve been reading and researching on this fantastic site for two years learning how to grow from the great community and feel it’s time to break cover and try and give a little back. Now I’m very busy in my personal life with kids and a business to run but I’m going to try and keep everyone up to date with my grow and keep a good flow of pictures for guests to peruse. Everybody is welcome and I’m here to learn so any criticism good or bad is fine by me.

Set up:

Veg Tent 1m x 1m budbox

Marshydro 2 700

Prima carbon filter with rvk fan to match

Flower tent 1.5m x 1.5m budbox

Marshydro pro Cree 600

600w hps

Prima carbon filter with rvk fan

Rvk inlet fan



Shogun hydro nutrients

Shogun calmag

Shogun pk warrior

Shogun silicon

Shogun sumo boost

I’ve used these nutes since I started growing and even though I’ve nothing to compare them with I’ve had fantastic results and I’m really happy using them. I also use guard and aid healthy roots in my reservoir which again I’m very happy with.


As this is a perpetual grow I plan on many different strains making an appearance. Over the last two years I’ve grown:

Barneys Vanilla Kush.

Now I may not have gotten the best from this strain. It never really seemed to live up to what it promised in veg. Aroma and taste was great (unbelievable ice hash) but grew very spindly and after 4 attempts I cut it from my line up.

G13 Skunk #1

Grew very well. Think I had a Sativa leaning pheno. I cloned this once and decided it was not to my taste so i dropped it.

G13 Blueberry gum

Wow I really enjoyed this strain. Cloned it for 4 runs and wish I still had it. Blueberry smell was epic, great buds, very sticky ice.

Reserva Privada Tangie

100 % Sativa that is recommend to be grown in soil for best results. I didn’t have any complaints with my dwc tangie. This felt like something special when vaping and the ice hash was even better. I have a spare bean ready to go so this will be making an appearance in the new year.

Royal Queen Seeds Fruit Spirit

I started this strain and didn’t think I would keep it about as it’s a blueberry crossed with white widow and I’d just done 4 separate runs of blueberry....geez I got that wrong. My favourite strain so far by along way. The way it grows, flavour, yield both in bud and hash is good, fantastic high and as it stands the only strain I have on the go.

So where am I now?

The veg tent is home to 5 fruit spirit clones around 4/5 weeks old. I have used the mainlining technique and extreme defoliation. I’m hoping to flip these ladies around the start of October.

The flowering tent is home to 1 huge fruit spirit. This plant was mainlined and allowed to stretch during early flower I then dropped a Scrog net on top. I think she’s probably got 2/3 weeks left.

I have a few photos of previous grows and a couple of where I am now.


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Plant of the Month: Dec 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: August 2020
Right I thought I’d start today’s update with a short paragraph on why I grow. I’ve been a daily user of cannabis since I was 13/14 years old. Up until I started growing my weekly bill was the equivalent to $150, which I paid to dealers for weed I didn’t know where it came from or what conditions it was grown in. I’ve always been aware of the medical benefits of cannabis and two years ago when my sister was placed in palliative care and just given weeks to live I decided to act on it. She has suffered with anorexia for 10+ years along side terrible asthma. During one of her regular visits to intensive care with pneumonia she picked up pseudomonas which is an antibiotic resistant bacteria. I make her RSO and everyone in my family cannot believe the difference in her since she’s started taking it. It’s another reason why I’m here for any knowledge I can gain to help my sister or help somebody going through the same problems it’s worth it.


I checked on the plants just before lights out and managed to get a few slightly better photos. I still think the one in flower has a few weeks left as there are tons of white pistils and trichomes aren’t showing any amber yet. It seems to be slowing down how much it’s drinking, 15 litres instead of it 20+ over 24 hours. Everything had a fresh res change yesterday so it was just a case of topping up and PHing.


Plant of the Month: Dec 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: August 2020
So today I gave the veg tent a good going over. Been a little lazy with the training and things were about to get out of hand especially as I cant see the flower tent being available for a few weeks yet. In the flower tent I’ve dropped the nutes by 50%, she’s getting a few yellow leaves now but this late in flower I’m not to bothered. Here are some before and after shots of the training and a few of the flower tent.


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Plant of the Month: Dec 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: August 2020
Welcome Cav, yes the tangie is great. Can’t wait to see what this last bean can do. Some of the buds on the last one I grew had sap oozing from them


Plant of the Month: Dec 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: August 2020


Plant of the Month: Dec 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: August 2020
So today I’ve just topped up the res in the flower tent and took a few pics at lights out. Seems like every time I check the buds are swelling, think this is going to smash my record for a single plant yield wise. Having the scrog net to support the buds is helping massively as in the past I’ve had a few start to collapse under the weight at this stage. Going to order some plant yo-yos as well for next round as I’ve heard they work well when not using a scrog.


Plant of the Month: Dec 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: August 2020
So a small update today, gave the plant in flower a res change yesterday. I kept the nutes at 50% and upped the sumo boost. Flower tent is bouncing back lovely after having a haircut. No pictures today As I’d like to take some on Friday and see the difference.


Plant of the Month: Dec 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: August 2020
Thanks scrogdawg. It’s funny I’ve got a few runs under my belt now and I’m normally patient but I cannot wait give her the chop and see what she yields. Really tight heavy buds so I’ve got my fingers crossed. Starting to see the odd amber so not long.


Plant of the Month: Dec 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: August 2020
Veg tent update:

So last Saturday I stripped some of my plants in veg, crushed and bent the stems then held them in place with some garden wire. I love the speed of growth with hydro and here are some before and after shots

Six days later..

I’m probably going to flip 4 in the flower tent next run as I think anymore would be really hectic , keep one as a mother as I absolutely love this strain and bring the last one on for a scrog in a 3rd 1m x 1m tent I have. Hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend. I’ll be taking lots of pics of the flower tent later along with an update.


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You sure stripped them. I used to be paranoid when I abused them so badly but now I don't even think about one that breaks anymore, ya just about can't kill these things. lol.

Looking forward to the flowering pictures.


Plant of the Month: Dec 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: August 2020
so I tried to sneak in the flower tent just before lights on and take some photos but only managed a few before lights on and didn’t get the close up shots I was after. Rather than mess my timing up I’ll take some just after lights out and give my update tomorrow. Until then here are the photos I did get


Plant of the Month: Dec 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: August 2020
Thanks guys I’m hoping its going to be ready soon as the veg plants are desperate for some more space. I think the first run of fruit spirit finish a little earlier than this one, maybe the high temps in early flower slowed her down?
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