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LG-G11B192Led Reflector - Can someone prove growing results?


Hello Growers

I purchased a 600w 192x3 reflector panel from toppled, The problem is it won't grow plants, well maybe it does but VERY slow. 2 inches in 2 weeks. If anyone has used this panel successfully please email me with information how to use this light to get good growth. I am a 72 year old still growing indoors for the last 25 years. So I have mucho experience, now growing DWC, with top feed in 4x4 tent and a 2x4x6 closet.


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Have you read others journals using TOP L.E.D. grow lights, I know there are a few on site. If no one responds here maybe you could ask in one of their journals, most members here are more then willing to help if they know you have an issue, but not all read the FAQ section.
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