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Liberal Party of Canada's Petition to end Marijuana prohibition in Canada


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Please feel free to visit the Liberal Party of Canada's petition website and sign the petition to end the senseless Marijuana Prohibition in Canada.

Marijuana prohibition is costly and unsafe. That's why the Liberal Party supports legalizing and regulating marijuana.

Stephen Harper keeps fighting a failed war on drugs that has resulted in more than 475,000 Canadians being arrested on marijuana-related charges.

And while gangsters and thugs get rich dealing marijuana, prohibition has cost Canadian taxpayers more than $500 million (est.) since 2006.

Liberals believe in a smart on crime approach, targeting real criminals instead of ordinary Canadians.

Please click on the link below to go to the petition website and sign.

Join the Liberal Party's call to end marijuana prohibition

Thank you.;)


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It will come, it is just a matter of time. People are starting to recognize Harper's outdated policys, and ways of thinking. He is single handedly digressing Canada. If I can notice it, anyone and everyone can and will notice it.
Dont get me wrong, not everything Steven Harper does im against, only about 90%.
Two days before the day after tomorrow is the day we fight back!!!
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