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Libertarians Are The Anti-Prohibitionist Party.

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July 3, 2000

Convention Speakers and Nominees Make Clear Libertarians Are The
Anti-Prohibitionist Party.

By Richard Cowan, Editor

The Libertarian Party nominated Harry Browne for President and Bellflower,
California, Mayor Art Olivier for Vice President. Browne won easily on the
first ballot, but it took a second ballot to choose a VP nominee.

Kubby lost in a close vote, but that was not because the delegates were
opposed to him or his message. Kubby started late and many of the delegates
were already committed to the popular Olivier, and others were concerned
that the VP nomination would be too much of a burden on the Kubbys, who
still have to beat the Placer County narks on medical marijuana charges.
(See www.kubby.com)

I gave one of the nominating speeches for Kubby, so I was obviously
disappointed that he did not win, but I could not have been more pleased
with the strong opposition to the Drug War voiced by everyone. I was also
very gratified ­ and a little stunned ­ by the very warm welcome I received
when I introduced myself to nominate Kubby.

This was definitely a very marijuana-friendly crowd, a fact not lost on the
older, more "conservative" party leadership. They have always agreed with
us, but too often the marijuana issues have taken second or third place to
other issues. No more.

Harry Browne, whose acceptance speech emphasized the danger the Drug War
poses to everyone's freedom, was one of the best that I have ever heard. He
told me that he views the Libertarians¹ opposition to marijuana prohibition
as a "wedge issue." One of the Libertarians¹ greatest fears is that they
will finish fifth behind Nader¹s Greens and Buchanan¹s Reform rump.

One way ­ perhaps the only way -- that they can avoid this is by emphasizing
their opposition to the Drug War, and especially marijuana prohibition,
while Nader mumbles about it. (If you agree with the Green agenda and plan
on voting for them, don¹t let them get away with mumbling about marijuana

Also, the death of Libertarian author Peter McWilliams galvanized the
convention delegates. The word "murder" was heard more than once.

The entire convention was carried live on C-Span, and it is archived on
their web site. www.c-span.org. Also the Libertarian Party web site
www.lp.org has more about the convention and the Party platform.

Steve Kubby still plans on running as the Libertarian Party candidate for
California governor in 2002.