Light Addict Tries To Get Grafting - Target Of One Mom With 15 Strains!


Now let's give my approach some review.

Ha I have none! I kind of wing most things and just go by feel or experience or just in a rather haphazard manner!

Research done: I asked Cannafan if you could graft using a male base for female grafts. She and PJ both gave solid advise! Then about 2 yrs back I watched a YouTube vid on grafting of fruit trees! This is my sum total of research :)

So yeah I get the basic principal and therefore in my mind I don't want any more info! ;)

This is a learn along with me type deal! I'll be trying and documenting every angle of attack I can think of. Every fale and thought and every variance along the way!

So yep this should be a long journey with plenty of failings and bodge jobs etc. Yet why not lol its just something else useful to learn and for folks with laws limiting numbers one mom with 4 strains or so might be a nice touch!

So were starting with a cpl of male bases that I'll cut back to stick back in veg today! I already have other strains in veg suitable for taking grafts from, so it shouldn't be long before my first attempt's are a failing regularly lol :) my first pair of root stock donors are both male Loompafarms Underdawg :)

So yep let's have a laugh with this one as it should be a long haul :) ENJOY :)
good luck with that one mate. i will watch and follow. its not something i can think would be useful to me as i dont care about plant numbers but i could se a practical application for it if numbers are a concern.

It raises lots of questions though. would the grafts maintain the integrity of the original strain would be the main thing. Lets see if you can do it.

I wonder if you took 2 plants and grafted them together and then seperate once the graft was successful if that would be the best way to succeed?
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One of the cultivators here has a "pomato" plant.
He grafted a tomato plant to a potato.
It's crazy. The tomato looks completely normal, but has potatoes for roots!
Hey L.A.! If you don't mind I am in on this one. I have helped a friend graft several different tops onto one plant just as a funny thing to do.
I may be able to help you out if you run into trouble. I have done some tomato plant grafting. This is kind of a hot thing in tomatoes. What type of cut do you plant to use? What do you plan to use to seal the cut? In fruit trees ( which I have done in my orchard in an effort to save some heritage apple varieties that were diseased) I use bees wax. But when I did the weed plant I just used my normal electrical tape. It worked well. I also commonly tip layer and air layer versus clone my plants so I'm kind of used to doing surgery on living fauna!! A couple of tips I might offer in preparation is to make certain that the scions come from well watered actively growing plants and run your rootstock plant on low nutrient levels before the graft. If I remember right the weed plant that we did ended up with 4 or 5 varieties on it...I think we grafted 7-8 scions onto one actively growing plant. I did use an antitranspirant spray on the leaves of the scions. When the plant matured it really mystified some experienced growers who were trying to figure out what was going on with this mystery plant. I got the idea while a buddy and I were looking at one of my veg and fruit catalogs and they were offering apple trees with like four varieties. You are going to have a lot of fun with it! Best of luck in all you grow!
The only cannabis grafting method that worked for me when I tried was one mentioned by Cannafan- simply making opposing angled cuts on stems of the two plants to be grafted,and slipping them together. After leaving the plants entangled like this for a couple weeks- one of them is cut free. I used pipe cleaners for the binding. I didn't seal the graft, mist, or do anything else to the area besides tying it together.
After I cut the donor's limb free the cut end near the graft had a jagged shape sticking out. I meant to reinforce it somehow...
A couple weeks later I was getting rough with the plants, forgot about the weak point, and accidentally ripped the graft off. :rofl:
Hey L.A.! The plumbers tape should work fine you want some not water permeable and that can be pulled pretty snug around the cut. I used electrical tape since that's what my buddy had lying around. I'm sure there are others. An angle cut works well as does a V cut. Your idea of a single plant with 30 varieties on it would be something to see! I'm excited to see where this leads you! Back in the 70's I was interested in grafting tops into hops plant. Supposedly if you did it you could grow weed vines that grew very aggressively that you could then just put ,into your fence rows. Maybe the perfect fluxing combination! Once you go down this road who knows where it leads. I have a Dr. Frankenpot post on my blog from a few years ago that addresses this topic! Best of luck in all you grow!
The drawbacks to using the method I mentioned, which leaves the plants involved completely locked together while waiting for the graft to set, is that it is very inconvenient having the plants tied together like this. Pots could not be moved around, it was difficult to get in there and do much of anything. Very claustrophobic and I found myself constantly itching to cut them free and separate them :) In my case though the plants were large. It would be easier with small plants.
On the plus side-I believe that it's a much more forgiving situation having rooted living plants involved, rather than cutting the scion free from the start and trying to keep it alive. I failed at the latter method- not that I tried super hard.
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