Light Addict Tries To Get Grafting - Target Of One Mom With 15 Strains!

My big 2 strains on a male stock :) she's a tree lol

Few quick question for ya Light. With this plant being taller than the lights, what is your plan for it? Do you plan to veg it out longer or throw it into flower soonish? Also curious how big your flower room is. Just looks like she's getting pretty big is all! Looks great.
Have a few pics of my tidied up maga graft girl! 14 strains and now were vegging out for a few weeks before flipping!

Nice. The flowering phase ought to be really interesting.

Would you mind giving a quick rundown on what the 14 strains are, their respective flowering period lengths, and - in general terms - their nutrition requirements/tolerances (IOW, light-feeder, heavy-feeder, doesn't like too much {element}, that sort of thing)?
Hey LA! been forever since I stopped through and holy shmole!!! That grafted monster is awesome! It reminds me of a article I read a while back about a guy that does this to fruit trees, and makes a single tree that creates something like 40 different types of fruits!

Your plant is a living work of art! Such a cool project! Can't wait to see it flowered out! Epic!
Hey folks :)

TorturedSoul :) I'll do my best to provide the info your after! The grafts seem happy as anything, yet the actual base/stock plant is the one that doesn't like to feed?

Icemud :) cheers chap, I'm not that happy with her to be honest, I want more strains and the perfect flux when doing it! This ones a bit of a mess, yet she has been my learning curve so I suppose I should be happy!

Jaga, things are just stupid hectic for me at the moment with my writing taking up lots of time! Also I'm really pissed as my landlord is taking his sweet ass time to get around for my inspection, this is meaning the DeathStar is getting to big to hide up so I'm not happy one bit!

Oh and as my target was 15 I've gone again with a cpl of graft attempts, hopefully I'll have 15 now and can veg out then flower asap. Again though its waiting on my landlord....
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