Light Addict Tries To Get Grafting - Target Of One Mom With 15 Strains!

Well I'm still grafting along lol :)
lol Spacef I bloody hope so :) this ones 3 strains in 1, specifically being trained out to be the perfect 420 in 3 different buds! :)

I'll be real impressed if you can maintain the shape of the numerals through the flowering stretch. Especially with a multi-strain graft, since the stretch amounts (and time of stretching, if the flowering periods are different) could vary between one graft and the next.
That girl is going to really looking great for a 420 my friend. Sure can see it shining thru. Bummer bout the landlord. Not sure where you are but I know even tho it's legal here in Oregon, I think your not allowed to grow in most of the apartment complexes. I'm not sure of your living arrangements but I remember living back in Missouri and waiting on the landlord to come thru. Hanging blankets over the tent. That's one state you didn't want trouble. They 'have' life without parole for cultivation on the books. And just recently released a 'lifer' from custody. I use to keep one of them 'mother tents'. It fit perfect right under the shelf of a walk-in closet. Matter a fact I still use that tent for a nursery.
Keepem Green
Like like the DJ Short purple look in the stemage of your 0. Going to be intresting. Keepem Green
You's are Truly Into this whole Splicing and Grafting etc.etc. & All I Can say to that is, "GREAT WORK" It's this type of communication and if there's Literally Anything & Everything About GROWING & Basically Anything THC Or CBD, & THEN SOME Too It's RIGHT HERE FREE!
I know RIGHT? Thank you so much for the like. It seems to me that Your Getting the Job Well Done these Days Brother Grower. Everyday I open my Profile page here & there's ALWAYS Likes & Thanx. I Love It To Be Sure. :420: Has Changed my Life Immeasurably So!
I No Longer just lay in Bed all day everyday any longer. I NOW have Purpose & I'm Far More Productive and It's Because of Other Growers Such as Yourself whom make it so. Thank you Sincerely & I hope I can get this Journal looking Properly Organized here.
Hope you enjoy this latest Grow I'm Now Doing w/3 Purple Ryder # 2 Feminized seeds I purchased @ The Cannabis EXPO
In Toronto Canada this past July. They look quite Well Indeed Heading into week 3 of Veg. I'm Truly Impressed by the 900 Watt LED
Light & 4x4 FusionHut are the PERFECT Combo Set as This Gear Has Surpassed my Expectation by a Long Shot for Reals Eh!

Sincerely: Don D. :thanks:
If i may i have read all and forgot to subb a couple of days ago, great work mate the possibilities are endless. I salute you:bravo:
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