Light Addict's Fluxing Central - Featuring The Original Flux Journal

Hello to all and welcome to my second grow journal.

This journal will feature the newly coined FLUXING style of training.

May any of you that already know my work and previous thread, please sit back with a grin on your face and enjoy! To any new people interested in this journal please jump in and add whenever you want. I run a relaxed fun journal with a good sprinkling of information.

Anyway here is the specs

A selection of household CFLs for Veg and a 400 HPS for flower.
Soil, perlite mix in 20 gal pot.
I'm going to use my Plagron nute range; Terra grow and bloom. Sugar royal, PK13-14, Green Sensation. + Molasses.

Firstly to all; yes this style has been called by another name, one we will not deem to mention on here!
Secondly; I am doing this style due to a malformed mutant plant. As this little girl through herself out in this shape naturally.

Pics speak a thousand words so here goes!

I would like to shout out to my friends on 420 for your support on this journey!
A special thanks to Spimp;
The reason for name of this style is illustrated above. pic edited by Sir Spimp!
Hey Light Addict,
I'm going to sit in, really interested in this method of training. I got a question though how come the new name, sorry I asked, just curious.
Ok to anyone who wants to know why the change in name, here is where it all started!

We need someone to come up with a better term than MAINLINING. It brings up visions of Trainspotting and junkies imo.
Light Addct, bein a true wordsmith, I know you can cme up with something clever or us. :)

Ok spimp as she looks like a Y shape it reminds me of the flux capacitor from back to the future. So Fluxing!

Hopefully with everyone's support here on 420 Magazine were going to try and attempt to switch this up (worldwide), If in a years time people on lesser sites are calling this technique Fluxing, we shall have succeeded in our course!
This is perfect. All I have to do is follow this thread & do like you do. I'll do like I do because it's Friday & you know how we do on Fridays! :lot-o-toke:
To Flux it all away when others doubt, to run the risk of ridicule amongst the masses, this is truly the righteous path of Fluxation, leading to a true and honest understanding of ones plants and one's self!

Keep it green for the ones that can't!!!

LOL you guys are going to subliminally get me to start topping plant ain't yas? Darndit...
Fimming don't Mcfly with Fluxing.

Imagine that ;)

LMFAO! Don't rain pee on my parade ya Rico's! haha just yesterday watched the trilogy of the Mcfly's lmao....
Perhaps FIM is too intense for Fluxing? I THINK NOT! hah! I refuse to believe it! haha I dunno wtf I just said......
:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:I love the bloody site and all you guys this is awesome funny!

I'm going for Waffle design! Yes you heard it here first folks! lol. Its basically the double Flux. I'll do it next with my WW! Training out each shoot at 90 degrees from branch that is every quarter. But what I'll do is make sure node spacing is minimal, really tighten it up between first two node levels, then top her. It should work out with a crisscross pattern like a waffle!
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