Light Addict's Quick Guide To Fluxing: Featuring The Original Flux!

Hi everyone I'm Light Addict and this is a post for quick reference regards to my training technique Fluxing!

Firstly my first few pics will show my deformed girl that threw herself naturally into the Y shape. When starting this technique with a normal plant; simply wait till you have at least reached the third node. The reason for this is you want a node that is mature and of decent size. Then you simply micro top at this node, leaving the tiny node sites at each side of heading point of the stem.
You let the two new points of growth at the top develop, training them both out horizontally. Giving you a Y or more a T shape to be honest :)


Have your flux sunk when potted into last pot to roughly pot edge level!
Now once you have the T or Y set, you start training the shoots off of the main flux.


Now I removed every other node points along the flux arms. The reason for this is over crowding. Each limb will eventually become just one big bud site so your going to need space for good air flow and light penetration.


OK as you can see I use plastic coated garden wire for training. I simply use the pot edge lip to strap down to. Once you get a few of the first guiding ties down it becomes very simple to maintain!


As you can see I strip and defol quite a bit. You don't have to take as much off as I did. Yet you want all shoots removed! Each branch is to produce just one big bud!


Now I start bending some arms back in to fill the middle up! :)


Now simply keep training till your ready and have built plenty of space for each site. Once your ready start letting her build vertically. I stop stripping and let her go into a bush of a plant.


Good vertical before flipping to flower is a must, as your girl will be mature so will give less stretch.


Keep an even top, apart from the flux ends, these should be the two highest points !!


I'll update end as I get there :)

Top tips for a good flux;

Firstly get it started young. Take shoots off and anything your removing very early on, leaving small scar area's.
Get your flux set at a height just above the pot edge/rim.
Be gentle and don't restrict limbs with the wire tie points.
If you have a stronger more dominant side simply lower it. Raising the weaker to be the dominant side for a while.
Finally the Idea behind this style is FLOW, with having the two ends of flux higher your creating two dominant heads that call for energy etc. The other limbs draw the energy off freely as it journeys along the flux. So hopefully it creates a hunger loop. where the plant will thrive for you!

Please do not post any questions on this thread. Contact me for any other info on one of my grow journals.
Many thanks, hope you enjoy the style if you give it a go!
Re: Light Addicts quick guide to Fluxing, featuring The original Flux!

Love your training style LA. I will try the fluxing style one day but in my garden it would be hard to do.

Great for small spaces.

Reps on making a solid tutorial for the noobs.
Re: Light Addicts quick guide to Fluxing, featuring The original Flux!

Oh well sod it! Questions welcome! :)

Hey Trichomes, I purposely tried to stunt my girl, as have only room for one in flower at a time in my norm space. So went with 24 on for that reason. Also I used only household CFLs for most of veg. :)
If veg was done under better light such as MH etc it would be quicker. I used all sorts to stunt her!
The other reason is that a mature plant will stretch less when you flip to 12/12. Yet as Donpaul has stated he found: that a plant, even mature will stretch more when its gone from 24 on, to 12/12. In comparison to a 18/6 flip to 12/12 its a simple choice of what you want and room you have!
I've actually been "fluxing" a few plants on accident for the past couple months. I called them my hanukah plants lol. Love your technique for creating a SCROG effect. What I struggled with is keeping the main tops confined within the pot. Once they were too large for the pot I had to take the ties off to prevent overcrowding so instead I end up with two main colas and smaller mini colas a level down. I just ran with that and now have several plants growing with two tops.

Here's a lemon Thai Kush

And here's a wild Thai

Hope you don't mind the pics. Figured it gives an example of what happens without keeping her tied down.

Now I start by creating a "flux" and then I bend branches after that to create a multi top without a screen. This helps me stay within my pot size and still create a somewhat even canopy.
Re: Light Addicts quick guide to Fluxing, featuring The original Flux!

Thanks, I did read your whole thread then when I wanted to go back for reference I was like, ohh this will take a while... Then I found this thread. :) sweet!

What I wanna know? U said questions OK?? Is how do your stalks get Sooo thick???
Re: Light Addicts quick guide to Fluxing, featuring The original Flux!

Hey COorganics yep I've given in lol so Qs all ok on here :)

OK simply put and don't quote me on this its just what my head is telling me makes sense! The stem becomes so thick due to the defol. With the actual structure naked as it were and left at the mercy of the HPS that I finished veg under. It seems like the plant tries to protect itself by thickening the stalks up.
I noticed this when I would flip my girls from CFLs to HPS. I noticed that structure of branches from the point they went under HPS was far better. So I chose to finish veg under my HPS for that reason.
Hope that makes sense, also I'm sure its the veg time as well, but I think UV protection for the stems is the other reason!

If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will pipe up! :)
Hey there LA. Thanks for doing this thread. It was pretty hard trying to find details on this through your main threads lol. I am going to have to give this a try. Before you let her go vertical, she is one of the coolest looking plants.

One question. How do you water her with the plant so close to the media. Just dump over the whole plant, bottom feed/water???

Thanks again for making this!!! +reps my friend!!!
Re: Light Addicts quick guide to Fluxing, featuring The original Flux!

I just pulled your name out of a forum so you don't now me from Adam but if you did you would know that I am in great need of a good tried and true soil less growing medium. If you know of such a thing please let me know. I just haven't had very good results with what I have been using and I feel that I am due for a change. Any help I receive will be greatly appreciated. If you don't know what I could use then pass this along to others and surely, with all of the accumulated knowledge that exist on this site someone will know the answer. As I am sure that you can tell I am a newbee. Actually, I am a 71 year old newbie so if anyone has an answer to my question please tell them that this is an urgent request as I am not sure of how much longer I have to figure this out what with my age and all.
Re: Light Addicts quick guide to Fluxing, featuring The original Flux!

Hi Greenstuff. Very good morning to you. :)
I've been totally inspired by LA both as a person AND a grower......he's one of lifes TRUE gentlemen and always there to help. I'm trying (with varying degrees of success lol) his Fluxing technique on 10 Pyramid Seeds Tuttankarmon girls. I'm growing in Coco and using Canna nutes (in the main) . If there is ANYTHING specific, or even just generalizing, that you would advice on please feel to ask me. :)
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