Light brown leaf tip?


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My plants are about a month old germinated the seeds and planted in miracle grow potting soil which feeds up to 4 months. My pH and everything's good never added any nutrients just what came in the soil. I don't think this is nute burn so what can this be any help appreciated .



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Miracle Gro has a lot of different Potting Mix products and also has Potting Soil Mix which are two different things. Either one can have Slow Release fertilizers if I read their web site correctly. If the bag said Potting Mix then it had no soil in it and the Miracle Gro website said to consider it a "soil-less mix" but they did not mention if it should be treated like a hydroponic mix or not. It also seems that the Miracle Gro website does not recommend their Potting Soil for containers. If you still have the original bag it might help tell us what is in the actual soil or soil-mix.

Many of the growers here often recommend transplanting as soon as possible into a known soil-mix or soil-less mix as soon as possible.

With that in mind I am wondering if it might actually need more of a particular nutrient. Can't figure which one because I cannot see the brown tip you are mentioning and the photo is a bit pale.

I do not know if the others will agree but it also looks like you need more light. Either several more hours of light or just more light as in more watts from the wall. There is a bit more spacing or stretch between the nodes than I would expect from a month old plant.


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weed needs 3 things to start

since its already growing in the dirt you have, lets work with that
weed is a light powered engine
put that light about a foot above the plant
and at that size water only when the dirt feels dry to the touch or the pot feels light
you will develop a feel for the weight of the plant wet and dry
easy to over water small ones, light airy dirt with some moisture
I wouldn't even consider nutes or fertilizer at this size till that plant has a better established root system, I usually start in a solo cup for this reason, leave em in there till they about 6" tall and falling over then drop em in a nice big final home with an established root ball, and they grow like crazy when released from the solo cup
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