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Light&Cooling Help: Growing in a GL60

Bottled Cat

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I have a GL60 grow tent (2'x2'x5'3"). I used to run a 150W HPS in this tent without an inline fan, temps were crazy, and it was definitely not enough light for the tent. Now, I am able to upgrade a few things and am curious as to what to get...

My options are a 250W HPS, or a 400W HPS. If I would have to cooltube the 400w... I think I would rather go with the 250W. I was thinking of getting a 440CFM fan, because my temps are hard to manage in the room and eventually I will be splitting the fan to another box.

The other thing I need help with, is how to wire an Axial Duct Booster fan to an outlet. Such as this fan: Sears: Online department store featuring appliances, tools, fitness equipment and more


So, 250W HPS vs. 400W HPS in the tent. 440CFM fan for cooling 2 boxes (overkill? temps have always been a problem in here...) And how to wire the duct fan. Thank you 420 for all your help. :tokin:


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The more light the more bbuds but if you can't control the eenviroment it won't matter. Which light ti use depends on how cool you can get and keep things.

Those axial fans should have the same colored wiring as a extension cord (white, black and green). match the colors. They aren't very good air movers though. They are made to help boost a weak air flow in HVAC ducts. Not to actually move air into and out of rooms.


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I have a tent 31" x 31" x 5"3" tall. I was also concerned about the heat.
I use a new wave t5 light that emits little heat. I was able to grow 5 nice ice cream plants from veg to flower with good results.

I would look at t5 alternative to control the heat.
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