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Light Deprivation In Flower

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Listened to talk by Kevin Jodery of Wonderland Nursery and said some interesting things - one that stands out is: instead of a 12/12 in flower light cycle he uses/recommends 13 dark and 11 light cycle(which he use's)(at 13.5 to 14.5 plant is triggered to flower) the reasoning behind this isthat it sets the plants hormone quicker this helps in terepen's production and another positive thing is that a plant can be harvested 1 week early (example : 67 days harvest at day 60) one can expect more terpene development, more rooting and reduces grow time will NO effects. MY next go-a-round going to try this - thought's

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Kevin Jodery owner wonderland Nursery
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Did it on my first run after my buddy here said it would aid in resin production. Seems legit