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Light for very small plant


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I'm new around here, and I'm finally planing to plant about 1 plant for indoor. It's just for fun. I'm planning to plant auto AK (it's a small plant and it flowers quickly), and i'm planning to plant it in my old wardrobe. My only problem is, that i don't know what light to use? What kind of lights do you recommend? I'm not looking to give 20€+ on a light... Idk, should it really be a "grow light"? Thanks and sorry, if I haven't seen this before on ther thread...


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If 20 Euro, or $25 USD is your lighting budget, your only option is CFL bulbs. At that price, you can maybe use 2 bulbs.
Bulbs do not have to be "grow light". A standard CFL bulb works fine. You will want 6500K bulbs for Veg, and 2700K bulbs for Flower.
Ignore the wattage on the bulb that says something like "100 watt equivalent". That number is only to help people use the same brightness to replace an old incandescent bulb. Incandescent bulbs cannot grow plants, so this number is useless for our purposes.

With only 2 bulbs for growing you will need to top/train the plant to grow flat, and the yield will be very low. Maybe 1-3 grams?

Honestly, I would consider adding light. Your plant has the potential to produce 28 grams +, I see no reason to reduce a yield.

On my last CFL grow I used 14 bulbs, about 80-120 Euro for all my bulbs, fixtures, splitters, and wiring. Now I have upgraded to an LED grow light, at the cost of 83 Euro.

I suggest reevaluating your plans. You will need a lot more to grow Cannabis. Growing medium, pots, nutrients, ph meter, magnifier to examine trichomes, timer for lights, etc.....

It can be cheap to grow Cannabis, but there are still some essential items.
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