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Light green spots, blotches, specks developing on very green leaves


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My leaves are turning light green in specks and patches.

3-4 from seed to first embryonic leaves
1st week in soil (backyard dirt in jello shot cups); 14 seedlings under one 13w cfl
2nd week: transplanted to MG Moisture control in 6 in pots; nutes in fertilizer is 21-7-14; Lights changed to 4x48" T5 HO 6500k. 1 ft above plants until end of week where lowered to 4 inches above top of plants. Also included emergency blankets for reflections.

Sprayed light dish detergent and water mixed in middle of 2nd week
Sprayed Neem Oil Extracted the next day followed by adding nutes of fish oil (5-1-1) and MG (9-4-9) at 1/4 strength.

Noticed light green spots the following night; 2 days later (today) the spots now are formed into light green patches.

Any advise?

I can provide more info if needed. I also have pictures but need to figure out how to load them on here.


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Seems like you burned the leaves. This happens when you spray them while lights are still on.

If you want to neem them or spray with anything really. You want to do it with lights off.

If they are outdoors its best to spray at sunset, but sunrise is ok too, but sunset is more ideal as the leaves dry off quicker so you do not risk mold as much.


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btw MG moisture control soil is not a good soil for weed. It keeps the soil too damp and weed likes dryer soil.

The other thing is the nuts it gives, while they are pretty good ratios for veg, for flower they are terrible.


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Thanks, Jimmycricket, I will neem them next time right before the lights goes out.

I was not aware of MG keeping them moist. I have kinda noticed that because Im growing 4 of them in clear pots. I was not aware of clear pots with lights damaging roots either. So I guess they are now part of my experiment. The roots are still white though and theyve been exposed to the light plenty. So I might have to debunk the myth of light damaging roots...damage them because they got exposed to air...maybe...so far not to light. Unless they will start turning colors this week. We'll see. I also have some Jamaican Bat Guano coming in shortly. Ill have that to raise the P when they are ready to flower.

Ill post a pic of what the leaves look like now.
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