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Light height from plants


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So I've been searching for information on the correct height your lights should be from your plants. Everything says about 18 inches away while flowering, however this is usually in line with a air cooled hps or mh bulb of a substantial size. I am using 2 400 watt 5 channel leds these run much cooler then other lights. My first grow I dwarfed my plants to much, the light sat about 8' off the plants, they didn't reach a foot high but put out about a oz of solid nugs from 6 clones. The moms I have in there now are about 2-3 feet high and have many many more branches on them but the buds are so tiny (I raised the lights for them to around 20') they are about 30 days into flower so about half done. Would appricate any info from other led light users out there on aprox height levels.

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I did 18" to 24" in veg and in flower they're about 8" away at the very tops. No burn or bleaching as of yet using old style mars hydro 300s.

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