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Light height


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After reading a lot of info I havnt really seen anything on how far from the canopy I need to set my lights .
Iam currently about 20" from top of plant but doesn't seem to be responding

Any help would be awesome thanks


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It looks to me they are responding. If the light is close enough they will stay short because they don't need to stretch to get more light. This is a good thing! Short stocky plants are usually what I am for. As long as the light is not burning the plant, or causing heat stress, it's fine where it's at. : )


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With a HPS you can get at close as the heat allows. If your hand gets too hot its too hot for the plants.
At least thats been my experience using my 400W HPS.
Using it for over 18 years..I've gone up and down with it..but Finally I just put it all the way up and never adjusted any more and
worked well enough.

IF its LED then you should start with the Manufacturer's Recommendation and then moved slowing up or down till growth seems max.


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Thank you GC thanks for the answer .. What height do you run yours at?

From the top of the Waterfarm to the Bottom of the light is 32inchs.
But I took it out this year trying out a new LED instead.
Much much less heat.


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Also..if you plants are not responding its not the lamp...at 20" away not enough heat on top of to stop it I dont think.
Whats the strength of your nutes?
still just tap?
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