Light of Jah LED Hydro Grow

So the girl and I started 9 Light of Jah 100% feminized seeds on November 5th. We were using moon dust (ass dust) and it caused the plants to get super stressed on bad nutrients. Now we are using some new nutrients that seem to be making them recover. Sadly though, we might have lost the purple phenotype in the mix-up . We are using a deep water culture system with 2 UFO LED grow lights. We have a CO2 injector and full temperature/humidity control. This is our first grow and this is what we have so far.


This is the setup

Planted the seeds

Little girls poking up

Starting to get bigger and the on in the outside middle is purple


just before the fall

Big purple before the fall

The fall

They are start feeling the effects of the bad nutrients

Sad and Droopy

Big green starting to make a big recovery.

Hopefully these girls will start getting much larger. Oh also we Swapped one seed out with a kryptonite. We're going to keep the girl we pulled out and try replace the purple one if she is truly dead. Let us know what you guys think.
Well its not purps it was just one plant but it ended up dying because of the moon dust but we replaced her with an extra we had. These are sativa's so im giving them like another week then im goin to flower them when they are like a foot tall. Il have more pics up as they keep growing.
Its a deep water culture running RO water and botanicare nutrients with some additives, every pot has a bubbler running to the bottom and resevoir in the back that keep the pots full with new nutrients. Got co2 injection and 2 fans 2 led lights and a metal halide in there. Light are on 18 and 6. Room temp high of 81.6 low of 71.3 humidity high 52 low 31. completely enclosed grow box with no light leaks and super low running cost. This is our first hydro grow, its a little tricky and super touchy, all the rest were mountain growing in the woods. If there is anything else you would like to know hit me up il try to post some pictures soon
You are going to want to get that RH down to 55% for flower. They look good, you might want to think about training them and waiting to flower, you could potentially fill up the space you are given with the plants you have as long as you train them to grow out instead of up. They still seem a bit young and immature, how old are they about a month? I would say you have really been vegging them for about 2 weeks if they are a month old, the seedling stage of development is like the first 2 - 3 weeks after it pops. You should let them veg longer if you feel comfortable.
The plants are half original haze so in the dryer humidity its supposed to get even more resinous leaves. We have bushmaster vertical growth stunt stuff but I'm hesitant to use it since the extreme sensitivity to nutrients. We're hoping they get to about a foot and a half before we flower them because supposedly they will double even triple in size and considering co2. I also have a scrog setup we can put in there too. Taking all opinions on whats best for a big heavy grow.
If you are going to let them go that long you should put up a screen or start training them now. The plant will get big if you don't but the light will not hit the lower nodes enough to develop them into mature bud, so you will end up with lots of wasted plant space.
I dont want to stress them anymore than they already have been, with the screen what height would you recommend putting the holes on, 2 foot from the pots top or 1 foot or what i have extensions that go by the foot. Also when should i put up the screen, now or when i start flowering.
Start the screen now and you train the plant to grow under neath it, then the screen is 2/3 to 3/4 full you flower, stretch will fill in the last bit, if it the strain is Sativa Dominant I would go with 2/3 full because they tend to stretch more in flower. Training a plant like this offers very little stress to it.
The pots are a foot tall with a 3.5 inch diameter. It's a deep water culture, each pot has a bubbler in the middle. Root space isn't much of a concern, they have plenty of space to grow. With soil they have to travel in the dirt to get to the nutrients with this all the nutrients are efficiently delivered in a compact space.:420:
i think it will work fine provided you don't grow them very big. Remember there are at least as many roots below as there is plant above. The thing with growing (i get root-bound plants in 5 gallon buckets) inside is its hard to judge what is large enough.

Maybe you don't intend on letting your girls get big anyway?

I think i would probably double the width of your pots ..or even quadruple the size of them width wise and use half as many. Thats IMHO though.

Im excited to see this grow go.

Or ..maybe you could put mesh on the bottom of your pots and keep them all in a contained ebb/flow type tub where the roots could expand. You still could get the aero and add ebb/flow. I dunno ... just brainstorming.

oh light of jah also known as jack herer? If so ..why is it called Light of Jah in this instance?
I dont plan on having the plants too big, just about 4 foot tall finished. I thought about a big tub for an ebb and flow but root rot and also the roots get entangled deterred me. With this i get to monitor each plant individually.These ones roots dont look bad at all and if need be il just keep them small. This is my first grow with this system and there will be some modifications on the next one for sure. From what i have researched and smoked Light of Jah and Jack Herer are the same but from different companies, Ive also heard Light of Jah is Jack Herer minus Sensi Skunk.
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