Light of Jah LED Hydro Grow


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right on. im really impressed with your design actually. I just throw stuff together that hopefully works ... you my man go all out with your construction. That make sense? Your stuff looks bulletproof in other words... and even modular. I think its all great.

I get confused with all the different strain names and origins.
The setup is sweet its just touchy and this being our first hydro grow makes it super difficult. If we can get everything dialed in perfectly then we will have beautiful plants with huge cola's. I agree all the new strains are just madness, and nobody actually seems to know what the true genetics of there buds are or even whether or not its indica or sativa (ie. the girl and i were told trainwreck is 100% indica wtf). Also Anybody got any ninja ways to keep the temp down i put another fan in the room but the grow box is still staying at a high of 81. Im looking for like 65 to 78 but all i can get is 70 to 81 we do have co2 injection but it still seems a little hot, no plants are burning though.


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If your plants are 4' tall your LEDs surely won't penetrate that deep on them and they will be taking up lots of space by that height. Be careful otherwise you are going to have issues moving air through there and could invite bud molds.

How are the little ladies lookin?
well just the very tops at 4 foot, at that point i will have to keep up on trimming them but were trying a scrog setup to see if it helps. Im not to worried about mold cuz i open the cabinet every day to check on them so fresh air is always cycled in and i leave a 20 in box fan in front of the cabinet with the door cracked to keep the temp down and to pull old air out fro the fresh air to be sucked in from the back. They are really slow growing or im just looking at them too much lol. No signs of problems yet. once the tops get through the round holes im goin to flower them.


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Best way to gage growth is through checking your nodes and seeing how many there are. You will notice it is much faster then you think. After a branch grows 2 nodes I chop it so it splits into 2 branches, when the succeeding branches have grown 2 nodes I top them so they split into 4 branches and so on and so forth. When I started doing this I really began to realize how fast the plant really does grow.

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With soil they have to travel in the dirt to get to the nutrients with this all the nutrients are efficiently delivered in a compact space.
Need for big pots is a legacy myth from dirt grows. I grow with coir in soda bottles and deliver fertigation to the roots.

This past summer, my tent temps were typically 83 - 85 with no problems. These temps allow fast growth, fast enough to take advantage of and use added CO2.


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I've been meaning to try coco.

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Flying, nice setup. I'm about to start my first LED/Hydro grow and will be watching this one closely. I look forward to learning & sharing. Can I ask how big your cabinet is? Are you going to be flowering in the same space and how many plants do you plan on flowering at the same time? Thanks and best of luck for a successful grow!
Dude screw the LED lights its a lost cause they are weak and have made soo many problems with not taking out humidity like hid lights do not even coming close to the growth results or light coverage of a hid light. We are goin to flower the ones that make it through the p.o.s. lights (sunlight sheds garbage equipment in there defense are sending me new 400$ LED lights cuz these current ones blow donkey daaackkk) in the same box unless. But we are buying some 1000w lights in the next couple of days and probly redesigning the whole thing. cuz they are no joke just a little bit bigger than my last pics and some of them look even sadder. But maybe with 2 ufo leds that work 1 1000w hid light when we get it and some compact fluorescents and maybe a subtle uvb light to mimic high altitude growing :) oh yes mountain weed has higher thc content than city weed lol. But once we get the lights and the plants actually do something il put some pics up. Also the humidity by the ocean is a killer jeese.
HAHAHA So we scrapped the hydro setup from sunlight sheds, it was garbage and couldnt sustain life. Now we are just goin with a soilless mix under a 1000w lol. BTW everyone stay very clear of sunlight sheds or any of the products.
Sry lol, I'm goin to be starting a new one. Ive already started the plants i just havent had the time to put the pics up and stuff but its 12 plants 5 super skunk 5 white berry 2 bubba haze got them from clones put them in 3 gallon buckets and under approximately 1200 watts of cool blue cfl and 2 4 foot t8 cool blue bulbs shop lights and a co2 bucket. Put clones in the soilless mix on january 10th. They are doin great but when i got time il will start the new one. keep in touch
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