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Hey guys I'm getting prepared to start another closet project:rollit: and I'm looking into upgrading my lights from the CFLs I have. :roorrip:

My space is the same from my last grow (kinda small) I need some opinions on my thoughts.

I am currently looking to buy a 70 watt HPS flood light. $75

I'm not too familiar with HPS or MH lights...

Whats the heat like on a small HPS?

I appreciate all help and kind words....



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70 watt isent going to get to hot but it will get your room warm i usesed a 70 watt a few years ago and found that it was barly enough light for 1 good sized plant


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Right on...

Would you recommend just getting a 100watt?

I wont be doing any big operation but I want to have sufficient light to get good results.


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Okay I guess 100 watt HPS lights are hard to find or they dont exist...?

I found a 150watt complete with everything for $94. That seems to be a good price IMO

16,000 lumens it says....


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Whats the area this light is gonna cover?A good rule of thumb for hid lighting is 30 to 50 wpsqft,for dense buds.I would also upgrade to a horticulture bulb.Hortiluxeye bulbs work great for me and you can do the hole grow as it has the blue,green,and the orange spectrum.
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Thanks for the info.

The floor of my space is about (not exactly) 3.6 sq ft. with an actual usable height a little over 3 feet. As far as watts go I think I'm good.

That particular light setup is an actual grow light. Does it not come with a bulb similar to the one your talking about?
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