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Light Spectrums?!


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hey i really need some help understanding the right spectrums for photosynthesis, and specifically in led use...im looking at buying this ligth ane before i invest all my monies in it i really need to know if its a suitable light...?
also what is the perfect led ?
ive been told all i need is BLUE RED And UV a-b is this correct?

pleaaaase help :(

Model NO.:GL-GS-Znet6
IP Rating:IP33
Application:plant Growing
Emitting Color:Red/Blue/Others
LED Chips:Bridgelux
Housing Material:Iron
Input Voltage:85~265VAC
Certification:CE and RoHS
Name:300W Hydroponic LED
Color of Shell:Red/White
Warranty:2 Years
Optic Lens:90
Including:Hanging Kit
Export Markets:Global
Additional Info.
Standard:CE, ROHS
Production Capacity:0~500PCS/Month
Product Description

2013 New ZNET Series greenhours grow LED light with best spectrum:
630nm Red: 660nm Deep Red: 460nm Blue: 440nm UV: 740NM IR: 3000k Warm White=60: 12: 24: 6: 6: 12

Technical Specifications:

Max Power: 300 Watt LED grow light
Input Voltage: AC 85-264V
Full PAR Range: From 380nm to 730nm
Working Temperature: 20° C to 40° C
Packing: 2PCS/carton
LED Quantity: 108PCS 3W LED
Operating Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Optical Lens: 60° , 90° , 120°
Life Span: 50, 000 hours

Best LED configuration to promote the plant grow and flower:

We are able to custom make the light per customers' request, we can make 90W, 120W, 300W, 600W
Red 620nm-680nm
Blue 440nm-470nm
Orange 600nm-610nm
Yellow 580nm-590nm
Warm white2700K-4500K, white6000K-6500K, cold white7500K-12000K
Violet 380nm-420nm, Infrared 700nm-850nm LEDs

Red LEDs is conducive to extend the flowering period;
Orange LEDs make the flowers more brilliant;
Blue LEDs is conducive to growth of leaves
Hydroponic, gardening, Greenhouse Lighting, Seeding, Seedling, Breeding, Farm, Flower Exhibition, Garden, potted plants, etc.
1) Green House.
2) Seedlings and clones.
3) Primary plant lighting.
4) Supplemental plant lighting.
5) Common area planters - malls, lobbies, restaurants commercial buildings or anywhere that plants need more ligh.

After application of test equipment, plant light wavelength is ideal for plant growth, flowering, fruiting. General indoor plants flowers, growing over time getting worse, the main reason is the lack of light exposure, through the spectrum required for plant LED light, which not only promote their growth, but also to extend the flowering period to improve the quality of flowers. And the application of this highly efficient light source system to the Green House and other facilities, and agricultural production, we can solve sunlight LED to tomato, cucumber and other greenhouse vegetables taste defects decrease the other hand, can make early fruit vegetable greenhouses in winter to the public around the Spring Festival, so as to achieve the purpose of-season cultivation.
1, as a supplementary light, any time of day can enhance the light, you can extend the effective lighting hours.
2, both in the evening or night, can effectively extend and control of plant science needed light.
3, plants in the greenhouse or laboratory, can completely replace the natural light, to promote plant growth.

We offer 3year factory and 15days no reason return if you do not like.
We have warranty center in USA/Australia.
Name Znet6 300w grow light
Input voltage 85-265vAC
Watt 300w
Device qty 108*3w
color 630/660/450/460/6000k/uv
Color ratio 60/12/24/6/6/12
material Iron
Plug 1pcs
Warranty 2 years
light fixture hanging kit
Device bridgelux
Lens angle Mixed with 60/90/120 lens
Dimension L485*W335*H80mm
Light weight 6.5kg
Warranty 3years factory warranty
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Re: Light Spectrums ?!

I would seek out Hosebomber who pretty much lives in this section of the forums Grow Lighting for advice, they are some LED journals & testing of new panels in that section & all... some of it may be worth a read :thumb:

But photosynthesis occurs under a broad range of light spectrum... what you might want to look at is suitable colour spectrum to promote ideal vegetative growth & flowering !
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