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Lighthouse tent, Magnum carbon filter & Titan fan from Gotham Hydro


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Well, I have been waiting a for a while to post a review to see how these parts held up over time.

The tent is a Lighthouse Hydro 5x5x7 and has been in use for about 3 months straight and I have no complaints. Due to where it's placed, I use only a side zipper for access and that is still working great after daily use for those 3 months. I have 2 large LED lights hanging in the center and a 4x14 carbon filter on the side and the poles all support the weight very well. When I seal up the tent completely, there is nearly zero light leaks, only a few pinhole spots through thread holes where the zippers and flaps are sewn on.

I also am using a 4" Titan fan and 4"x14" Magnum carbon filter with a fan controller. I have the fan on nearly the lowest setting, I would guess 20%, and it has completely eliminated any smell. I only use it for smell with the added benefit of air exchange because the lights don't need a lot of heat removal. Prior to getting this fan/filter, the smell would hit me when I got out of my car in the driveway.

I also thought I should add, the last order I made was at my door in about 24 hours from payment online (we are in the same region of US, but still impressive for standard shipping). I buy from the 420mag sponsors regularly, but have also had great experiences every time from gothamhydroponics.com
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