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Lighting advice please, thanks!


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hey guys
first grow, currently in day 23 flowering
growing 4 plants under a 60*60*160cm reflective grow tent
i have 2 lights - 250HPS and 65W white light that are running all thru veg and flowering (HPS turned on day 14 of veg).
question 1:
because of the square shapes each light can be above 2 of the plants:
for example the 250 HPS is directly above 2 and the 65W is directly above the other 2
how much does it effect the grow? or maybe because the tent is reflective all over it spreads the light?

question 2:
2 of my plants grew bout 30cm taller than the other two, that means the lights had to go up
and the shorter plants are getting much less light. an advice would be much appreciated.

Look how much taller the 2 in the back are: (i also have problems wth the front 2 but thats for another forum..)



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Snyper is right. 2 plants under a CFL won't work well. The buds are going to be disappointing and larfy. General rule is minimum of 100 watts per plant

Hard to tell what's going on with them plants under that light

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Hi, silloroy. seems u need some suggestion. maybe i can try my best to help u. :love:i just send a PM to u, please check it. :high-five:
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