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lighting combos etc.


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I'm starting a grow from seed,(I have 15 varieties ) As far as lighting goes I've never heard a definetive answer as far as flouresent vs MH & HPS. I have a 400 watt mh and a 400 watt mh/hps.I also purchased three 5 gallon hydro kits (for the mothers) over kill I guess. I planned on using the MH overhead and maybe 4' cool white flouresents for side lighting inside two closets apx. 3 x 5. I'd like to have a SOG. As far as the clones go can I start them on regular cool whites and then switch to MH at a certain point and at what stage/size. And do you think it's worth going totaly hydro? And at what size/stage should I switch to 12&12 w/ hps? I haven't grown since the early 70's and my mom always found them before I ever saw any bud. Also what lighting cycle should I keep the mothers on? Also what size I keep the mothers croped to? I think I'm on the right track,I also thought about using a Co2 system, the sugar/yeast dealy. Also what's better bat/seabird guano or worm castings. Sorry about the number of questions but I figured do it all at once.

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I'd go with MH for veg and HPS for bud. If u veg with HPS ur plants will stretch. Flourscents use less electricity and I'm not sure why some prefer MH over them. Dunno if its worth goin totally hydro. If ur gonna go SOG in hyro, I suggest u look into areoponics.When u switch to 12/12 really depends on how much head rood u have and how large of a plant do u want? Plants (especially sativas) will triple (on average) in size from veg to finish. Keep this in mind as well as space taken by pots, lighting, and min distance between lights and canopy. Dunno bout better, but if u go soil worm castings is a good start. Guano I guess is good too, they are both good sources of nitrogen. I keep moms on an 18/6 schedule. Dunno bout co2 systems Hope this helps some.Oh yea, don't forget about ventilation.


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I veg and bloom with HPS np .If you are to have one bulb and light use the hps.I also use floro on my little ones keep some of the heat down.The plant will just about double in size with 12/12. rule of thumb for most growers is 12 inch then go 12/12.you should have a 24 inch plant when done give or take.I have about 10 different lights different wattages MH,hps,floro the only one i havent used is LED.It comes down to this you can grow start to finish with any light.But the hps works the best.And i have a co2 system works great NG Cap.puts on some nice bud helps in veg also.what would you like to know?
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