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Lighting experiment Papaya


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started a auto grow short rider and a papaya plant. 400watts MH and 400 hps.
24/7 for 10 weeks. switched to 24 on and 24 off 4 weeks ago and the papaya is budding very nicely now. so well see what happens. the short rider is almost ready for harvest. smells like skunky fruity pebbles.
but i am concerned about the payaya going hermi. but as of now shes all woman.
shes always had 24 hour increments.


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im montoring the use of electricty used vs. 12/12. i know it maybe equal but we'll see how long it takes to complete at 9600 watts per lighting period. and 24 hours of 0 watts.:peace:
its starting to bud now. very green leaves with white flowers all over it. doing FF with floralicious plus, and humbolt dark energy.


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now i know it makes the plant flower sooner. but will most likely yeild less. but hopefully not.
due to the long darkness period.
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