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Lighting/heat question


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I'm currently running 125w CFLs in a 2'x2'x5' growlab tent. I'm considering using a 150w HPS for flowering. How much heat do these things put off? Is it going to be way too hot for my tent? I have a 100CFM axial fan for exhaust with passive intake. Would I be able to move enough heat from the tent with this setup? I'm looking into a 4" inline fan with carbon scrubber for exhaust while flowering. Would that be the way to go if I got the 150w HPS? I need a flowering bulb for my CFL reflector and they are $80 for just a bulb. It's not much more for the 150HPS.

Any advice or suggestions would be awesome.


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I'd probably go for a 250w for that setup unless you already have the light. Keeping cfl's cool for that space won't be a problem.

My box is 3x2x4.

I've got a 250w hid system and don't have any issues with heat...course we'll see here over the next couple of days when it's supposed to be over 80 out...my box is in my garage.

I'd go with the 4" fan and scrubber. That will be my box mod over the summer for my winter indoor grows. I'm in my 5 week of flower and it's getting pretty stinky in there.

I've got more than 100cfm in computer fans and they just don't get it all done. It's close but you're better off having more than you need.

I'm going to get one and enclose it with sound proofing material..build it it's own little box then attach to a carbon scrubber.

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I noticed my hood takes 125 and 200w CFLs, not the 250s. I think I'm going to just buy the $40 2700K and see how this grow goes. If it's successful and I can remain stealth, then I'll get a HPS.
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