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Lighting LED & other questions - Please help


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How many watts of LED grow light (in its right spectrum for grow blue and red) meaning not a full spectrum LED light but the one specialized for MJ growing are needed per square feet? is just that most stuff i read it says it needs X amount of LED light per square feet but is not clear to me if they referring to regular (white-full spectrum LED) or grow LEDS.

Can i combine sunlight with artificial light at the same time, for example a greenhouse to veg 24/0 so if i had all the artificial light the plant(s) needed in a space where there's a fair amount of sunlight with the purpose of vegging, the lights so that when it turns to night the plants keep receiving the hours light needed in veg, will the going and coming of the sun light despite of the plants having enough artificial light affect them in a bad way? is it a waist to have lights on when sun light is hitting in i know its kinda dumb but i had to ask, will the artificial light be noticed by the plants if a fair amount of sun light is hitting them?


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Unless you live in the higher latitudes, where the daylength varies widely between winter and summer, you don't need to supplement your outdoor greenhouse lighting. Mother Nature's light is best. If you have to grow indoors, you need to imitate the wavelengths that plants need to be healthy.

I does not hurt to let the sunshine in on housebound plants now and then.. a sunny window is a treat, and the sunlight is free. Even setting them outdoors on warm days will add to your plants' health, size and yield.

The general rule for indoor lighting is 50 true watts per square foot.


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Re: Lighting LED & other questions - Please help

The general rule for indoor lighting is 50 true watts per square foot.

WOW we use a "400w" and "300w" led's
In reality it's about 275-300 true watts.
So that leaves us just about 3/4 the wattage we should have in our 2'x4' tent!
I'm not sure I'd wanna try another light in there.
Can you have to much light?
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