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Lighting Question (Heat)


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I have a utility cabinet I want to use for flowering. It is D-17.5 x H-71 x W-34.5 I know it's a bit cramped but it's about all I have the room for.

I have a AC ball bearing rack type fan (100+ CFM, 3500RPM) that I am going to use at the top for the output vent with a variable speed control. There will also be 1-2 small oscillating fans inside the cabinet for airflow. The cabinet will be in the house and the temp should never get above 75 degrees for the input air.

I want to use a Sun System 2 HPS 400 Watt light. I know the ballast is internal on this light which doesn't help with heat. I'm not sure if this light can be ducted or not. I have a chance to pick this one up VERY cheap but if it is going to be too hot for my cabinet I'm going to have to think of something else.

I will have two plants max in the cabinet (Soil Grow). Do you guys think that I'll have too much heat with this setup?

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