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Lighting Situation


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High Guys. Need some help here...

FIRSTLT: Im vegging my grow now with fluro's...I have them on 18 hours and 6 dark...I no when I want them to start flowering I put them on 12/12...But what next? Do I and when should I change again? Im using HPS to flower.

SECOND: What can i do about my air problem...My grow room is fine now for vegging, but when i move my girls they will be in a pretty sealed room. Its about 3.5 ft tall and bout 3 ft wide. Some friends said a oscilating fan will be fine but im not convinced...The grow box will be inside a larger closet but it needs to be fairly discreet!!!
ANY help or tips would be great, pictures to come soon enough..

Thanks...Over and Out...Peace out


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Once you go 12/12 you stay 12/12 til harvest. You want a strict light and dark regiment.
Your going to need some inline fans to push air into the grow chamber and one to extract air out. Some people just extract or exhaust air out and just have a inlet for air intake. Use a temp meter to test the area before using to see what the temps are, then adjust or buy whats neccesary to get the temp down.
Best fans are from hydro stores that would be easy to purchase online. Other options would be bathroom fans or whatever create stuff you can come up with from your local hardware store like Home Depot. I also see people use computer fans but I normally still see heat issues with those.


thats an interesting idea, putting the lights on longer then 12/12 after flowering has started. the plants would photosynthesize longer, but plants are also metabolizing at night. They store sugars in vesicales in the cells for use at night. i suppose thats a tweak that might be worth experimenting with. so many variables though that would effect that.


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There have been many comparitive studies on this subject. One thing I know for sure is that if you fuck with the light cycle too much, you increase the chances of hermies. Some strains have been proven to do well or better with 11 hours of light towards the end of flower. Also if too much light time is given the plant might get confused and revert back to veg.
My question is this, why even bother taking the chance of fucking up a grow when 12/12 is the common base standard for flowering plants? Let the science guys play with this and just learn how to grow or learn how to grow better. There are better alternatives to increasing bud production so I for one will always recommend the 12/12 light cycle for the full flowering period. If you think I am wrong, more power to ya, if you want to prove me wrong, be my guess.
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