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What is the best lighting combination to keep a plant in vegetative state with a 400w mh bulb?...is it ok to use a 400w mh bulb on 12/12 cycle to clone?


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Ok thank you...but if I don't have a t-5 light is a mh bulb ok?...and what would you recommend for a plant trying to be kept in a veggie state under a 400w mh


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I believe a 400 MH is too much for clones. CFL would be my second choice.

Topping, and tying down would be my recommendations for keeping a mother in veg, I would also use T-5, T-8 or T-12 with daylight bulbs for a mother, even if I had to buy them from a second hand store. T-12s are pretty cheap now a days though.


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It is OK to use any kind of light for veg, but people (myself included) use fluorescent and CFLs for veg because the energy consumption of a 400w MH or HPS is not proportional to the result you get, this means that by using CFLs and T5s you get pretty much the same result but at a fraction of the cost, making it a much more efficient setup for small grows. You will spend way much more money on power than you would by investing in CFLs and T5s.

For clones 2 CFLs are more than enough. You are not going to get better results by using other lightning setup. And I'm pretty sure that you will harm the clones with a MH because of the heat.
Also, keep clones under 18/6 just like the mothers, 12/12 and below is only used for flowering.

Hope this helps.
Good luck and happy growing! :Namaste:
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