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Hey there everyone, I am a new grower am on my first grow, they are about 6 weeks old.i have them under a 3 bulb fluorescent light, which is about 6 inches or so above the plants. My question is is this a good height or should the raise the light higher, to me they look smaller then some of the pics I have seen of younger plants....thanks for any info I can get...


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It's 3 lamps at 32 watts each..6500k....2750 lumens each fluorescent tubes
6 plants
In corner of basement , 5 x3x6
Going to build a grow box in the next week or so
Thanks for your help


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I agree with Peyton.
It looks like you have about 15 square feet of grow area.

Right now you have roughly 16 watts per plant.
And 6.4 watts per square foot.

You can use CFL bulbs for brighter focused lighting. More fluorescent tubes on the back and sides of your plants will help a lot also.

Keep in mind when the plant goes into flower, it will help your yield if you add additional wattage per plant.

This is a complete guide filled with a ton of information to help you improve your grow: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/...-grow-marijuana-everything-you-need-know.html


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Thanks for the info, I have gotten a few more lights and have some of them under their own lights, I am using 100 watt cfl in the Daylight color....


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Ok cool, thanks for the info. So if I can figure out how I can use
4 - 23 watt equivalent CFLs per plant....will be moving them into
Grow box as soon as I finish building it...6x4x2
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