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Lights Help Urgent Please


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Hello, need help!

I am on a budget and gonna run 90cm x 60cm x 160cm tent with probably 8 girls in 2gal pots and I want max I can get. I need somewhat round 400gr per harvest.

Let's say my max budget about 150£.

I can get VIPARSPECTRA V600 which is 250Watts for 90-100 quid, plus I have another vipar R300 (~120Watt) and I got around 0.8g per watt on my first run with vipar and loads of fails, so...

I started looking to those cheap COB's, one's on amazon Hipargero 800W which doesn't cost too much too... Good reviews and so, but I am afraid that vipar can perform better (good reviews and my results too).

and I recently found 1000W Full spectrum CXA2530 Cob Led Grow Lights for indoor plants hydroponics UL on ebay for 140 quid, which is round 450 watts from wall, 2 x CXA2530 COB...

I was looking at qbs but 240Watts qb are too expensive atm, maybe for next grow or smth like that...

Or maybe it's possible to build something by myself quickly and more efficient ant silent for that amount of money?

I AM LOST. Thanks...

Thank you people!!!
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I run 2 viparspecta 600s in a 4x4 auto tent but i only have 4 plants in there i bend em over and tie em down early i usually get between 3 to 4 oz per plant depending on the strain and quality of the genetics


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I find it odd, with the availability of google
That people seem to be so distressed finding a suitable light
Is the industry so cut throat now that people see so many conflicting opinions?
For the record there are only 2 choices
High quality COB's or Quantum boards or strips
Everything else is garbage


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Sorry Stunned to be so blunt but that info is garbage. HIDs continue to grow incredible bud. I’ve got QBs and HID. Overall I think I prefer the HPS. Never tried other LEDs, blurples, cobs, or CMH but those are also working just fine for countless thousands of people.
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Between the internet, Google, and an actual library, we know everything needed. Still nice to converse about it :)

I don't like asking about yield but seems like the place! Lol

I have 4 plants in 5g pots.. 3' x 3' x 6' tent.. HID 400w lights.. good nutes.. soilless mix.. new to growing.. Any guesses?? :) Was going to be happy with 8 ounces (aka 224g) total if the bud was good!


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Oh come on. The ones who says it's impossible try these vipars first and then say what's possible what's not. 400 WATTS from wall LED viparspectra in 0.5m2 tent, yes 400g is achievable boss :) it looks only two thing you all know - QB and 300 quid per 150w cob. ;D c'mon, wake up.

I grow under HPS 600W and it was shit, nothing even to compare with my vipar.

Why not possible if I did 110gr dried in 50 x 50 x100 cm tent with viparspectra and 1.5 of my plant failed completely. I am sure you can get 150gr of dried with that set up. It wasn't enough of height. My biggest AK47 gave me 45-50gr when dried, so don't tell me bullshit of yours, thanks. So my old vipar 120watts + another vipar 250 watts, and we 370watts in total, whic I believe 350-400gr should be done quite easily. Those lights just lacks a bit of penetration. but overall very happy with the results.

And my question wasn't about that, I am not asking you to tell me to buy qb or those COB, I just cannot decide what would be best for me with the money I have and how to kick most of it in the most easiest way possible.

I AM NOT INTERESTED IN HID LIGHTING!!! It is PAST. Grow under your HID's, experience heat issues, buy ballasts, but sorry guys, I've been there and done that and it was shit. :)

The only QB which would suit me is at least 240W boards and they r pricey, so I am looking for alternatives.

If you can find me qb 240w for 200 pounds, I'll take it.


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Ok yet quick update, I just recieved my wage and I can afford spending 200 and a little extra, 240W qb possible to do 400gr?? Thanks


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The problem has nothing to do with the Viparspectra, PAR is PAR it doesn't matter that much where it comes from.
Although it will take more watts to get that PAR to get those grams than it would with a more efficient QB type light.
But even with the more efficient light 1.7gr per watt in such a tight space would be pretty remarkable.

The biggest problem is space, smaller than 2' x 3' and only 5' tall and you need close to a pound might not be impossible but it would be pretty damn hard to pull off.
If you have to get the magic number of 400gr then at least make the space 2' x 4' and 8' tall.
With a new 240w QB and whatever other light you have that's around 200w that would be a more achievable goal of about .9 gr per watt with enough space to grow the number of colas needed to get a pound.

I feel like I do pretty fair to get between 16 to 19oz in a space that's basically double the overall size using more than double the wattage.
I've still never cracked the 1 gr per watt barrier using 4 year old Blurple lighting.
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Agreed. The problem is space. Once I get much past one gram per watt, of actual good quality bud- not counting all the trimmings and whatnot, there’s just not much more room for more bud in the plant canopy. In the pics I have of 1 gram per watt harvests- there really is just no more room for bud.

Most indoor lighting provides a relatively flat two dimensional growing area, which is why so many people top and train their plants into a flat canopy, and scrog setups usually yield more.
With overhead lighting you can’t just expect to grow good bud from the top of the plants all the way to the bottom where it’s shaded. Which is what you would need to produce a pound in that tiny space.

There really isn’t any special magic in one light over another. As said it’s mainly about PAR. Plants don’t care about advertising or opinions they just care about the amount of usable light.

The way around that, to access the third dimension, is to use a lot of smaller lights spread out around the sides as well as above and grow the plants in a vertical fashion to gain a more balanced light spread and better penetration. The small QB panels and strips work well for that and give great efficiency for the wattage they draw, as long as you don’t need any extra heat (I do). Even then 1.7 gpw would definitely be something to brag about.
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