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Lights Help Urgent Please


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i honestly tell that i did 110gr with fails in 50 x 50 x 100 cm tent. And i saw that it’s possible to achieve 150£ in that tiny space. I believe in this tent I should be able to do 350-400 with good set up. Vipars doesn’t penetrate well, that’s the point. I don’t mind having a little lower grow :))

QB 240w actual draw from wall is 240w yeah? So if it’s 1.5g pw i should get 360g yeah?

I will train those ladies, I have some skills. :)

QB doesn’t emmit too much heat?

I am considering also this one 450 watter with cree cob, but what about heat issues?

I am starting to see bigger picture now, thanks for some clarification and not telling that it’s shit. Vipar can do 1gpw and more!!! I saw it with my eyes.

I also can support corners with cheap china led strips as i still have some. Maybe plus 20w but no more as they creates heat.


Or maybe this with actual draw of 240w epistar leds and their own made cob?


Magic number actually is 350, but i wouldn’t mind getting 400 of it :)


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ok people, please clarify me once and for all.

I am choosing between Invisible Sun quantum board 265 watts with samsung LM301B or HIPARGERO HG800.

They both have same PAR value, just hipargero is twice cheaper than quantum board, and this tech evolves so fast, that I don't know if it's worth spending extra cash and getting qb or just go with hipargero and my viparspectra (360w in total) vs ish qb (265w in total).

I understand that qb will be more reliable, has no fans (which means less sound), but after this grow I probably will be building my own light, so I think for 240 (price for qb) I could diy a better one than this qb? I know how to use ali and so, just need a little bit more research.

viparspectra v600 has almost twice as less PAR as hipargero. but meizhi 600 has same amount as hipargero, but not COB, and meizhi as far as I know gives better buds when flowering (we speak about viparspectra V series, not R, as R are meant to flower those girls).

hipargero has +- same amount as 265w qb.

so why those qb are so special except reliability and sound? They do penetrate better? But we still are speaking about same 1g per TRUE WATT (not what chine m**/* states on their advertises). :)

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