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Lights on seedlings


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BlwnDroOn24s said:
Is it a problem to put germinated seeds under the 1000 watt light? Do i need to start it on flourescents or is it not a big deal

Putting a 1000 watt light on seedlings is a big waste of electricity and if you have it too close to the seedlings, it'll fry them. Use a cool white fluorescent or you can use plant/aquarium fluoros. I got them from Wally Mart @ $6 each. Home depot was $11 each for the exact same bulb. I hate home depot all to hell..even worse than Wally Mart (king of the China syndrome). Leave them under the fluoro for about a week or two and then introduce the big light. I like keeping it 2 or 3 feet above them and then lowering it little by little to see how they respond.
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