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Lights, reflector and Flushing?

Flushing Question:
--Alright i am in 40 days in flowering which is 5 weeks and 5 days today....now am using organic fertilizer Fox Farm...do i still need to flush my plant out and use only water for the last 2 weeks or is that just for chemical fertilzer users.??? and how long do i have left for flowering(use estimates for now)?

Lighting Question??
--Now i want to make a vegetive room, since my other room is on flowering using a 400 watt HPS,,,,now i bought 2 30 watt Compact Fluorescent Bulbs which gives off 2000 lumens each so 4000 lumens is that enoght light for one seedling at this time i want to vegetative it till its about 1 foot then flower it...so how many lumens do i need per plant?

Light Reflector
--Now for the 2 CFL that i mentioned above. i want to make a reflector...can i use a aluminum baking pan? ...i saw people on some forum using it i didnt know if that causes hot spots or not or is it good.????


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Did u use any ferts ? You should still flush it about a week o so before harvest and let that be your last watering. Well it is said to have 50 watts every sq foot. If you want to veg them a few weeks with that maybe if you want pick up maybe one more. Like they say more light is always better. Anyways so yeah that should be enough and yes you can use a baking pan i used one for my hps light and didn't have a problem.
here are the little one that i was talking about above that i have just start its been a week so far this plant is using only 30 watt CFL that equals 150 watt that puts out 2000 lumens, am add one more light tonight with the baking pan so ill have a 4000 lumens...here are two picture i took yesterday.

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they have grown there other set of leaves i add one more light so i have now a 200 watt light altogther putting out 4000 lumens...ill add one more when i get 10 dollar for a bulb.
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