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Like a tomato plant?

Bon Scott

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when I put my tomato seedlings in a bigger pot (4''-5'' tall ) I put them in the soil about 2-3'' deeper, cause the roots will go out from the original stem - is cannabis the same ??


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Works great with tomatoes, less great with peppers (both nightshade family)
I tried that with a few clones in rockwool once....had endless problems with the 50% that survived.
I figured that if you could root from a cutting you should get new roots if buried deep.....did not work for me.
Personally, I don't expect to ever do that again.
Just my experience....
an old gardener

Bon Scott

New Member
Ok, THANKS Im getting conflicting answers. I will have to try it, I understand that clones do not get deep roots- in dirt - I thought this might help
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