Lil Jah's Autoflower Adventure


Hello All,
Been here a while. Hardcore lurker. The older people would probably remember me. This is my 4th documented Grow Journal. I was keeping it strictly for solo use but i figure i could use some advice every now and then so why not lol. I just seem to have bad luck once i start a online grow journal but eh. Why not. Excuse the initial documentation because im just going to copy and paste my own journal to this to save time.

I WILL however update with some better pictures very soon so bear with me. All comments and opinions are welcome and kindhearted banter is also acceptable (if the admins deem it ok)

Here we go.

Strains: Buddha Seeds Purple Kush Autoflowering (2) , Samsara Seeds Automatic Ultraviolet

Lights: 2 300w UFO LED lights. (yes, they are chinese :3: )

Soil: Fox Farms Ocean Forest

Nutes: TBD



Successfully germinated all 3.
2 germinated before 1.

The last one to germinate was Valerie (Purple Kush #2)
The first two were Patricia (Purple Kush #1) and Uma (Ultraviolet)

Patricia and Uma were put in dirt on 04/06
They both uprooted 04/07

Valerie was put into dirt on 04/07


Their first few days of life they were all kept in moisture domes with cfl. Once they could walk on their own I switched them to 2 300w led ufo's

All popped out of the dirt on the same day (4-08) except Uma. She was a day late. (4-09)


Name: Uma
17 days old. 2 inches tall.

Everything is perfect…besides the fact that shes a super runt lol. I thought it was something I did but ive tried everything and got nothin. Shes super healthy and has 3 nodes and healthy bushing but shes just a tiny lil thing.

Purple Kush #1
18 days old. 3 inches tall.

Very bushy but a slight retardation on a few of her leaves. A twisty pattern but otherwise shes healthy. Bushing normally and enjoying herself and her space.

Purple Kush #2
18 days old 4.5 inches tall

First of all shes a trifoliate, I know im using the wrong terminology but fuck it. She has 3 sets of leaves instead of 2. and shes tall and healthy and a leader. Shes gonna take over the tent for sure.

All took to the changing to the LED light well. All have a purple pheno so im guessing that’s where the retardations are coming from. Ive read most purple phenos always have some kind of issue. Eh.
Hoping for pistils on Sunday. On at least one. Im gonna do some research and see if I can force one purple early just for kicks. We shall see.
4-26 over


Checked in there this morning and did a quick rotation. I switch the position of them in clockwise order to give them all equal light.

Val had 2 pistils sitting nice and pretty! Cant wait! Havent been home to check the rest but hopefully good luck on the horizon.

This morning I checked and Patricia has pistils also.
They are both starting to stretch because of the beginning of flowering. Im going to give uma about a week and then knock the light down to 18/6. also going to begin nutes soon. Gonna do some research and see what nutes autos seem to like.


After a brief check this morning Uma now has pistils.
I will now begin a nute feeding schedule. Im also going to change my light to 18/6.

Patricia and Val are both doing great! Stretching and plenty of pistiols showing. Will have buds soon.


Todays Update.

First of all after this update i will go take pics so dont hate me.

Queen Valarie is just glorious and loving life with all of her 3 leaves. Definitely the tallest of the 3 even with the slight soil variations. She seems to be keeping the 3 leaf pattern even into flowering which is new to me. Usually they switch back. Crazy amount of budsites.

Princess Patricia is chillin. No more twisting leaves thank god. That was getting annoying.

Unhealthy Ass lol. This runt is still a towering 4 inches. Compared to her sisters 10' and 9' its just sad. Some side branches started taking to light so i did a bullshit LST with a branch from an old plant i grew. Its annoying. Pics soon.



Seeming to have some downward curling of the leaves in ALL my plants. Anyone know what kind of deficiency this is?

My entire purpose for this grow is to make Purple Concentrates. Anyone have experience in this? Ive only ran across them one time and the guy said he pressed fresh purple plant.

Anyone with experience in Trifoliate (i know its the wrong term) that kept the trait through flowering?


Picture time!!!

Here's Uma!! She's tiny and she's a mess but she's mine.

Here's Patricia!

And here's Valarie. I tried to get a pic of the tribalism (I know that's the wrong word) but there's a lot of leaves so I just got a pic of the tri budsite.

And before I'm told yes next time I will close my tent when I take pics so it doesn't look like a 3d mess lol. Thanks everyone!!


Anyone knows of good ways to force plants purple?


Tribalism = trifoliism. Blame autocorrect.

And I know that's still the wrong word


:allgood:First feeding today. I used an old pre bloom mix I had. Cns17. Worked wonders for me in the past. I gave each about 3/4 a gal of water considering they are in 5 gal buckets. No trichomes yet but pistols everywhere. Hopefully this mix works like before. If not does anyone have any good flowering nutes recommendations?:ciao:



Valarie (purple kush) is looking amazing. All are beginning to flower and pick up but Val in particular looks simply amazing. Her pre buds are already purple. All the girls loved their first feeding. Patricia is just being basic.

The LST on Uma is going well. The canoeing on the plants has stopped on all the plants but one. But I'd still like some advice on how to solve. Still gta hunt down some good nutes for budding. Any advice is great.


Just a pic of Valaries purpling. This is a pic from yesterday. Today it's more. Been busy but I promised budporn so here ya go


Should I give them a trim so more light hits the bottom?
Is anyone listening?
How long should I keep going with LST?



Hello all. No pics but things are going beyond great.

Let's start with Uma. She is in flowering and finally getting some height to her. Her itty witty budsites are very nice and her smell. Wooowee. She smells amazing. She's still the shortest but the light lst gave her a bunch of tops. It's about 8.

Patricia went from the most boring plant ever to the fucking Holy Grail. She's Humongous. She completely took my grow area over lol. No purpling. Which is unfortunate but she still smells amazing. I can't tell you the exact height because I'm elsewhere but I'm guessing a stern 2 ft.

Valarie is amazing with her extra budsites. The 3 leaf thing really worked out for me. It's very bushy but I plan on doing some trimming as soon as I do some reading on it. Purpling everywhere which is amazing. Pretty tall but not like her sister of the same strain.
Polar opposite of Patricia.

All are really enjoying the nutrients. That's about ut I believe.


May 21 update.

As of today they are all 45 days old.
The only one showing any signs of maturity is Val (purple kush - blue bucket). Budding all over the place thanks to the extra budsites from the abnormality. Patricia has had an amazing growth spurt but still hasn't gone into full fledged flowering. Uma though. She loved the LST. She loved the nutes. She loves the light. She had a radical change in development with her growing. From midget to winner with about 8 tops. Just yet to fully pop. Still been running 24 hour light but I think tonight is the time to go 12/12. Anyone agree/disagree? Anyone listening lol.

Also they recovered from their trim immediately. Uma even grew replacements overnight. Annoyed me.

Good day peoples
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