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Lime green leaves, have a read pls!


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So ive got two plants under a 400w hps, one white widow x big bud and one called "critical", in a small tent, awesome air cooling stays at about 24c, one is DWC and the other is just soil. They havnt started budding yet but both just switch to 12/12, but for the past 3-4 weeks they have BOTH slowly started to get lighter and lighter and are now a more lime green. Its like the dark healthy green has been sucked out of them. The only
Thing i can think of its the humidity is hard to control and is staying above 70%, but would that really affect them? I know it causes mold or bud rot but there isnt any buds and no mold, just yellowing leaves, or could the hps in a way be "bleaching" them with a more lighter leaf? All the leaves are affected not just tops though.
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